Breakopen Tickets

Breakopen Tickets have been and remain an important source of direct Charity Fundraising in the Province of Ontario.

There are three traditional channels of delivery being Gaming (Bingo) Centres, Owned Premises (for example Canadian Legion Clubs) and Retail (Variety) Stores. These channels still generate a large sum of revenue and it is estimated that Thirty Million Dollars ($C30m) is returned to local community based Charity Groups.

The product of Breakopen Tickets or Pull Tabs is extremely easy to play. Just remove the perforated windows on the back of ticket and match to a predetermined winning combination that is displayed on the front of the ticket.

In recent years there has been the creation of a Breakopen Ticket Development Fund to assist in the support and development of research, promotional and innovation within the sector. This has produced various reports and supporting materials that have been engaged by the industry.