Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario

Who We Are

We are an Industry Association that primarily represents the interests of Commercial Operators, Suppliers and Manufacturers in the Charitable Gaming Sector, mainly in the Province of Ontario.

What is Our Strategy?

Our strategy is broken down into three core elements that the Board feels captures our direction and values. These elements are Engage, Partner and Deliver. Through this we look to forge a vibrant and sustainable commercial sector in Charitable Gaming.

What do we do?

We advocate on behalf of our membership on all the key issues affecting the sector, provide timely communications, shape the agenda of the Industry and provide a unified voice from the industry to government or external bodies.

Membership in the CGAO

As with any type of Industry Association, we can be quickly measured, assessed and evaluated by membership and record of performance.

With over ten (10) years working with key stakeholders, the CGAO has gained a proven track record of dealing with and being engaged in all the key issues affecting Charitable Gaming in the province (Ontario). We have been a part of the 'Changed Agenda' that has driven the industry in the last few years.

This Association values the ongoing and active engagement of its membership and we are always open to engaging with potential members to encourage and welcome them into the Association where they are willing to share our common values and mission.

Visit Membership and download criteria and membership form.

Board of Directors

Tony Rosa
Position in CGAO: Chair & President of the Board of Directors
Company: Community Gaming & Entertainment Group

Cameron D. Johnstone
Position in CGAO: Vice Chair of the Board
Company: Delta Bingo Group

Jeff Holmes
Position in CGAO: Administration Director (Secretary)
Company: Kingston Bingo Group

John Johnstone (Jr.)
Position in CGAO: Director – Finance (Treasurer)
Company: Delta Bingo Group

Paul Nitsopoulos
Position in CGAO: Director
Company: Dolphin Bingo Centre

Jim McLean
Position in CGAO: Director
Company: Arrow Games (Canada)