British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

Incorporated on 25th October 1984, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, with its headquarters in Kamloops and a Sales & Marketing office in Richmond, provides employment for around 600 people. The Corporation generated revenues of $C2.03 billion with a net income of $C819 million in their fiscal year 2004/05.

The Corporation has been a leading driver in the development of Bingo Gaming, not only in the Province but the Country as a whole. Its concept of the Community Gaming Centre has now become the benchmark for the Industry. The Bingo Division, under the leadership of Ms. Marsha Walden, continues to work closely with the Industry to innovate and re-position the Bingo Experience.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation

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74 West Seymour St, Suite 420
Kamloops, BC V2C 1E2

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Key Individuals

Mr. Jim Lightbody
Interim Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Peter Charlton
Vice President, Corporate Security and Compliance

Ms. Susan Dolinski
Vice President, Communications and Social Responsibility

Ms. Rhonda Garvey
Vice President, e-Gaming

Mr. Kevin Gass
Vice President, Lottery Gaming

Ms. Lynette DuJohn
Chief Information Officer, Business Technology

Mr. Jervis Rodrigues
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Corporate Services