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1309 – Mr. Len Stuart

1310 – Cambridge Gaming Centre

1311 – People on the Move

1312 – Quebec - Announces c-Gaming Pilot

1313 – Self Exclusion - c-Gaming Centres

1314 – Canadian Gaming Conference - June '16

1309 – Mr. Len Stuart

In late February, the news was released that Mr. Len Stuart had passed away surrounded by his family at his home in Fort Lauderdale, USA. This is indeed rather sad. Without question, Mr. Stuart was an individual who had a major impact in various sectors, notably Social (Charitable) Gaming, but again in numerous ways as a distributor, manufacturer and operator. His understanding of the ‘client/consumer’ was the foundation piece to his success - relationships matter and they need to be cultivated to deliver long-term dividends to both parties.

However, it must be said that Len’s business reach went beyond gaming. He was also a key player in the entertainment sector through his connection and investment in the highly successful company ‘Second City Entertainment’ with the various actors, for example Mr. John Candy. This connection for Len was maintained for years and even until his death remained in his business portfolio as a key investment. Combined with this, he was engaged in the Casino Sector in various Canadian provinces, especially in British Columbia. In the majority of his business dealings there was and remains tremendous success. His natural entrepreneurial abilities were widely known and respected by those who came into contact with him.

In the last couple of years Len had focused his energy in southern Ontario in his remaining Bingo Operations, with the launch of a new brand [Jackpot City Entertainment] and the conversion of two (2) Centres [St. Thomas & Sarnia] into the c-Gaming initiative. In both cases you can see the attention to detail that Len was renowned for throughout his career. Although they are not his sole business legacy it is certainly part of it.

The real mark of the man is that he managed through sheer strength of will to imprint his mark on the industry, which few people can claim. He changed the way people conducted business and the key element was the bridge in forging those relationships. But I am sure the greatest pleasure and achievement that Len would acknowledge would be his family, his wife and children. We are all aware of his son, Mr. D’Arcy Stuart, but he also had a young daughter. They are what mattered and they are what he treasured most.

There was a service held in early March in Fort Lauderdale and I am pleased to say there were many representatives from the CGAO, which included Mr. Duncan Cameron, Mr. Cam Johnstone, Mr. Tony Rosa, Mr. Gord Paget and Mr. Peter Speck in attendance.

We have written to D’Arcy Stuart directly expressing our sincere condolences to him and his family. Without question, this was a man of many talents who will be missed.

1310 – Cambridge Gaming Centre

On the 17th March 2016, Cambridge Gaming Centre (Cambridge) held a ‘Community Cheque Presentation’ of the funds raised through the c-Gaming initiative, which has reached $C1.6m and is a tremendous result for the community. On hand was the Mayor of Cambridge to receive the cheque presentation by c-Gaming partners.

It was very encouraging to see numerous representatives from the Charities, OLG c-Gaming Team, Commercial Team [Brian Gilmour] and customers. It is moments like this you are able to reflect on the tremendous and real value this initiative brings to local communities. Well done to everyone at Team Cambridge.

1311 – People on the Move

There have been a few people on the move since our latest newsletter.

Mr. Bob Longman - Operations Manager OLG (C-Gaming) - After 33yrs with the OLG in various positions and departments, at the beginning of March Bob decided to retire from the organization. Bob had a unique understanding of value of relationships, which he cultivated throughout his career. He managed successfully to navigate the transition of the OLG from pilots to a fully operational department and see the c-Gaming develop to include 31 Centres.

Bob held one key element, the ability to deploy common sense to issues that were faced by him and the stakeholders who worked closely with him through the years. Without question his knowledge and experience will create a void with his departure. We wish Bob and his family many happy and enjoyable years ahead.

Mr. Michael McLaughlin - Stakeholder Relations OLG (c-Gaming) - In the next week or so, Michael will begin the process of taking the first steps into retirement. Michael’s career, international in nature, began in the UK in the Rank Organization before moving to Top Flight Bingo, which led to his introduction to Variety Club (Ontario) where he led the Gaming Operations for many years. He also undertook a role with AGCO for a period of time prior to moving to the OLG.

Michael, without question, has had an exciting career and I am sure when he was in Rutherglen (Scotland) where it began, he could not imagine it would end here in Ontario. Now retirement is drawing near and his passion for ‘golf’ awaits. We wish Michael and his family many happy and enjoyable years ahead. Well deserved Michael.

Ms. Amber Bunnett - Manager Marketing - Boardwalk Gaming - It was announced that Amber has left the company to undertake other career options. We wish Amber every success as she embarks on other opportunities.

Mr. Mark Newman - Manager Pollard Games - It was announced that Mark has left the company to undertake other career opportunities. We wish Mark every success as he embarks on his new horizons. 

1312 – Quebec - Announces c-Gaming Pilot

In was announced that Quebec has undertaken a c-Gaming pilot in the province. Please see the news release below.

Québec relies on electronic bingo to fund nonprofits

Mar-20-2016 (translated)

The Quebec government wants to test the lucrative potential of electronic bingo and to do that, announces the launch of a pilot project in four or five of the province bingo halls. Quebec believes that the revitalization of the bingo industry will support about 800 non-profit organizations (NPOs) that use bingo as a funding source.

The member for Montmorency, Raymond Bernier, made the announcement Sunday of this initiative, Quebec, with François-Patrick Allard of the League of establishments du Quebec (SEJQ), a subsidiary of Loto-Québec. Electronic bingo concept already exists in other provinces, including Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, and in other countries like the UK, the US and Spain. This is bingo activities taking place in different rooms connected to each other, which increases the jackpot, explained Marisol Schnorr Loto-Québec.

1313 – Self Exclusion - c-Gaming Centres

We continue to work constructively through the Operational Committee [c-Gaming]. The Team is targeting early May for the introduction to the Centres. There are some issues to be resolved but we are dealing with them at this moment. Currently we have a self-trespass process in operation. This has been a bridging arrangement, which has been temporary and has served its objective. The Self-Exclusion process will bring us in-line with the broader RG Strategy within the OLG.

Your BRM will be discussing this process soon and dealing with you and Gaming Centre Management Teams. 

1314 – Canadian Gaming Conference - June '16

The Canadian Gaming Conference is fast approaching in June 2016. It will be held in Ottawa. Please remember to sign up for the Charitable Gaming portion of the conference. Although the conference is in Ottawa, it would be good if we can ensure Charitable Gaming is well represented.

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