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1301 – Community Gaming Conference - 2016

1302 – $C100 Raised for Charities

1303 – Edelman Communication Initiative

1304 – Gala Leisure (UK) Launches New Venue

1305 – Rank Group - Half Year Report

1306 – Social Responsibility

1307 – Leverace Suppliers/Vendors - Built In Knowledge

1308 – General Members Meeting

1301 – Community Gaming Conference - 2016

The second Community Gaming Conference was held in Toronto last week and what a tremendous success the event was for the Charitable Gaming Sector. The various [educational] panels, which leverage off last year’s theme of Managing but with five (5) different elements of the business, were certainly well received and early indications from the delegates indicate they certainly felt the value.

The attendance exceeded last year by roughly +35% and we also saw greater interest in vendors/suppliers being part of this event, which is extremely encouraging. The positioning of the Vendors in the main auditorium works really well for all concerned and maintains a high visibility through the conference for them and enhances the value.

I do wish to publicly acknowledge our conference partners, the Canadian Gaming Association and Media Edge [Mr. Paul Burns and Mr. Chuck Nervick], for their support and engagement in this event. It is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

However, I also wish to publicly thank all the delegates who registered for the event. Without your support and engagement, there would be no conference. Thank you.

1302 – $C100 Raised for Charities

On the 4th February we (collectively) celebrated the $C100m incredible milestone of funds raised for Charity/Non Profit Groups through c-Gaming. This is a tremendous achievement and coincides with the 10th anniversary of the launch of c-Gaming in the province back in 2005.

Without question a vast amount of work was undertaken by all stakeholders, each bringing their unique gifts and talents to the project. I want to take a moment to flag Mr. Richard Schwar (OCGA), Mr. Tom Aikins (Boardwalk Gaming), Mr. Justin Van-Dette (OLG c-Gaming) and Ms. Nichi Aikins (Barrie Charity Co-ordinator) for all their efforts for this event.

Also present at the presentation was MPP – Ms. Ann Hoggarth, The Mayor of Barrie – Mr. Jeff Lehman, OCGA Executive Director – Ms. Lynn Cassidy and OLG – Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Greg McKenzie, rounded off with many local Charity Groups and Commercial Operators.

group photo holding CGAO cheque


1303 – Edelman Communication Initiative

We have now formally begun our initiative with Edelman Communication that will shape the Commercial Operator narrative in the province. For many years the Commercial Operators have brought tremendous value to the sector in numerous ways. The time has come to bring this value into the broader conversation around Charitable Gaming that supports and strengthens the overall sector message.

The increasing level of investment, greater employment opportunities and contributions to the communities where we are located should be acknowledged and supported. We must never forget that for many years we have offered a very efficient platform for numerous Charity Groups to raise and provide funds for their various community projects/initiatives. 

As this initiative progresses, we will keep you updated on developments.

1304 – Gala Leisure (UK) Launches New Venue

On Sunday, the 31st January 2016, Gala Leisure Limited (Gala Bingo) opened its first new centre in nearly nine (9) years. Gala Leisure is the largest Bingo Operator in the UK with 133 Bingo Centres throughout the country.

The new Centre is located in Southampton on the south coast of the UK. It launches a new concept of the company, with a traditional bingo auditorium catering to the traditionalist and also a ‘Bingo Pub’ that offers a more relaxed, exciting and engaging environment to appeal to the non-traditionalist.

The early indications are the new Centre has been well received and customers are responding well to this new concept. This successful launch is reflective of the progressive leadership at the top of Gala Leisure Limited.

1305 – Rank Group - Half Year Report

On the 29th January 2016, The Rank Group (PLC) delivered the half year results for the Group. The CEO, Mr. Henry Birch,said the following:

“I am very pleased to announce a good set of results with like-for-like growth across all brands and channels. Even with the impact of RGD we have delivered growth in both adjusted EPS, up 4%, and dividend, up 13%.”

He went further to talk of the Bingo Retail Division as follows: “2016 will see a new Retail Bingo Format (and Brand).  In particular it is very pleasing to have grown Mecca’s Retail Bingo Business on a like-for-like basis, both at the top and bottom line, giving us renewed confidence in its future.”

The overall Group EBITDA was £62.7m, an increase over the same time last year.

1306 – Social Responsibility

There continues to be ongoing progress in the area of Social Responsibility with both our partners at the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation and Responsible Gaming Council. At our recent conference the OLG presented publicly for the first time the new brand ‘Play Smart’, which was interesting. The booth did receive a lot of visits and delegate engagement on their materials, etc.

At the CGAO we will continue to work constructively with our RG Partners and be pro-active in the promotion and application of RG in a balanced format.

1307 – Leverace Suppliers/Vendors - Built In Knowledge

I would bring to member’s attention the tremendous resources that are available to you if you only reach out and seek them. Our Suppliers/Vendors have a lot of knowledge to assist you in some of your business objectives.

For example, Arrow Games (Canada), which is a leading company in the Bingo, Breakopen and Promotional manufacturing sector.

Led in Ontario by Mr. Jim McLean, this company has a rich history of understanding the Bingo Program construction area as well as ancillary games. I would encourage you to speak directly with Jim on what Arrow Games can offer your business.

The same goes for the various other key industry suppliers we have access to. I have listed below some key suppliers.

Mr. Jim McLean
Arrow Games (Canada)
(T) 905-321-5488

Mr. Mark Newman
Pollard Games, Inc.
(T) 289-213-5044

Mr. Peter Speck
Bazaar Marketing
(T) 905-688-7755

Mr. Peter Howard
Diamond Game
(T) 416-930-2158

1308 – General Members Meeting

Our next General Members Meeting will be held in Toronto as indicated below.

DATE: 16th February 2016
DAY: Tuesday
TIME: 10:00am to 1:00pm
LOCATION: Holiday Inn (Airport East) Hotel (600 Dixon Road)
ROOM: Centennial B
REFRESHMENTS: Light Snacks & Coffee

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