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1690 – cGaming – Back in the Community

1691 – cGaming Joint Conference – Navigating Change

1692 – Community Entertainment Venues

1693 – PlaySmart Teams – Active

1694 – CGAO – General Members Meeting

1695 – Ontario – Minimum Wage Increase

1696 – Charity Gaming : Community Good

1697 – Thanksgiving Weekend

1698 – People on the Move

1690 – cGaming – Back in the Community

As our venues continue the business climb back, we are seeing incremental progress being achieved by our members. The natural ‘seasonal’ trends are returning and this brings further encouragement as we continue the work ahead. 

The announcement by the federal government on the border changes, with the removal of conditions on travel we believe, over time, will have a positive impact on members who operate in those critical regions - Fort Erie, Sarnia, and Windsor. These three [3] core regions have been operating without the traditional cross-over of the USA consumers since March 2020. It has been encouraging that, as the announcement was made, they began to receive calls from USA customers inquiring about opening times and the bingo program start times.

As we move further into the Fall and Winter months, we do see potential headwinds emerging on the horizon as household budgets get squeezed and the availability of discretionary spend reduces. Thus, we need to ensure we offer compelling consumer experiences that are priced correctly. We sense that inflation will remain in the short to medium term within the economy.

Our members [Commercial Operators] and their teams are continuing to drive efficiency within the system to maximize the revenue opportunities for our partners, the OLG and Charities. It is remarkable that we are now producing an estimated +$C1m per week for community-based charities. This is actual dollars, allowing them the ability to have an immediate and real impact within those communities.  

We are continuing to think through how we need to re-build the admission base. There has been a greater hesitancy with our more mature consumer base to re-enter large public spaces, combined with the drop-off of the traditional bingo player. Our Chair – Mr. Tony Rosa, has given direction to set about developing and further creating our Community Entertainment Venues concept. This needs to, and will, be forged on the principle of being customer centric.

We continue down the path of re-engagement and re-building the business in the post-covid environment.

1691 – cGaming Joint Conference – Navigating Change

After two years we are returning this November to hosting the Joint [CGAO & OCGA] cGaming Conference. Details of the location are noted below.

This year’s theme is Navigating Change. This is reflective of the changing environment, landscape, and climate that the gambling sector has gone through in the past 24 months.

There is going to be a varied and full agenda that highlights how cGaming can continue to navigate itself forward in this evolving business environment.

We are delighted to report that the following have given their support to the conference and will be engaging with their teams.

                  - AGCO                    - Mr. Tom Mungham & Mr. Lalit Aggarwal

                  - OLG                       - Mr. Duncan Hannay & Mr. Jim Warren

                  -  iGO                        - Ms. Martha Otton

                  - OLG & RG-C          - Ms. Catherine Meade & Ms. Lorelle Muller

                  -  G&R Group           - Mr. Don Bourgeois  

The date and location are set and headline details are listed below. Further details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

            Date[s]:                                    - 15th & 16th November 2022

            Location:                                 - Delta Hotel (Meadowvale), Mississauga

            Theme:                                    - Navigating Change

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique and historical value of the sector. If you wish to book a hotel room, there is a block of rooms available and we encourage you to stay overnight to experience the full benefit of the conference. Hotel details are noted below:

Code:             OCGA22
Passkey Link:


1692 – Community Entertainment Venues

We continue to flush out our new concept of Community Entertainment Venues. This will be reflective of the unique elements of cGaming and the value they bring to the communities we are located in.

The historical partnership we have held in our communities is not promoted enough and we need to think through how we can bring greater positive attention to this fact. Further, this is all about amplifying our social neighbourhood appeal to our guests and offering a compelling experience that they wish to engage in.

At the request of our Chair and Vice Chair we, the CGAO, will be seeking a proposal/quote[s] prior to undertaking further consumer research to ensure we are developing and positioning the sector for the future.

This will be an exciting initiative and we will bring more details as it unfolds.  

1693 – PlaySmart Teams – Active

We continue with our incremental engagement of Playsmart and Social Responsibility and will have all our team members undertake the required training to ensure they have the skills to assist our customer if, and when, they require assistance and support.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the majority of our customers play responsibly. However, this doesn’t mean we should not provide additional information & education to ensure we focus on player sustainability and give our customer informed choices.

We recognize the importance of partnership with the OLG and RG-C in delivering a professional RG-Program to our staff and consumer base.    

1694 – CGAO – General Members Meeting

Please be advised that our next General Members Meeting is set for next month. We encourage all our members to have a representative present to engage in the critical and important issues of the day.

            Date:                           - 15th November 2022

            Time:                            - 9:30am to 11:30am

            Location:                     - Delta Hotel, (Meadowvale), Mississauga.

            Room:                          - Meeting Room – Conference Area  

            Refreshments:             - Coffee & Light Snacks

1695 – Ontario – Minimum Wage Increase

On the 1st of October 2022 the scheduled minimum wage increase came into effect.  From the 1st of October the minimum wage will be $C15.50 per hour. There will be a yearly increase going forward that will be applied on the 1st of October each year.

Please see the enclosed release from the 5th of April 2022 setting out the rate and the other key links you may find useful.

Ontario Working for Workers by Raising the Minimum Wage | Ontario Newsroom

1696 – Charity Gaming : Community Good

As previously mentioned, the next phase of the brand development is well underway with a campaign that is targeted within the communities that host a cGaming venue. This is slowly being unfolded across the province to ensure each community is reached and the awareness process is supported and seen.

It is extremely important that we all support what the Team is doing here and recognize that brands are built through collective energy and engagement. The project leader, Ms. Mary O’Neill, supported by the OCGA team has produced a structured development path and we just need to get behind it.

1697 – Thanksgiving Weekend

On Monday, the 10th of October, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. This is a long weekend and an opportunity for families to come together. Hopefully this year, with less covid restrictions placed on individuals, we can return to normal gatherings, which were undertaken pre-pandemic.

On behalf of the Chair [Mr. Tony Rosa] and Board, we wish our members and readers a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving long weekend.

1698 – People on the Move

There have been some major changes at the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation over the last month within the Senior Executive Team. This is part of the ongoing development of the organization.  

Thus, the following changes have been announced by Mr. Duncan Hannay – CEO & President of the OLG.

  • Mr. David Pridmore - Will undertake a new role as Chief Gaming Officer within the organization. This will bring the digital, land-based and business development units under a unified leadership group within the OLG.
  • Ms. Nancy Kennedy - Will become Chief Lottery & Customer Officer, undertaking this critical operational role with the OLG.
  • Ms. Lori Sullivan - After numerous years within the Organization, Lori has decided to undertake new opportunities outside of the OLG.

I am sure you will join us at the CGAO to wish them every success as they begin their new roles at this critical moment. We also wish to acknowledge and thank the contribution to cGaming of Ms. Lori Sullivan over the past three (3) years during a very difficult and unique period of the Covid Pandemic. 


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