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1634 – People on the Move

1635 – cGaming – The Sector

1636 – iGaming and Single Sports Wagering

1637 – Health and Wellness

1638 – General Members Meeting – CGAO

1639 – OLG Senior Executive – Centre Visit

1640 – Charitable Gaming: Community Good

1634 – People on the Move

There have been numerous movements within the gambling sector over the past month.

  • Ms. Lauren Signoretti - Has accepted the role of Senior Manager- Product Testing within the OLG cGaming Team and will report to Mr. David Fraser. 
  • Mr. Stephen Murray - Has accepted the role of Senior Commercial Contract Manager within the OLG cGaming team and will report to Ms. Valerie Braun.  
  • Ms. Sharon Pero - Has accepted the role of Product Portfolio Manager within the OLG cGaming Team and will report to Mr. Michael Magli.  
  • Ms. Heather Masters - Has accepted the role of Senior Commercial Contract Manager within the OLG cGaming Team and will report to Mr. David Fraser.

Each of the above has held various roles with cGaming and these promotions/appointments are reflective of the tremendous contributions they have made on the previous cGaming roles. As announced by Mr. David Fraser (OLG), each of these appointments is effective from 29th November 2021.

  • Ms. Jessica Baker - Has been appointed to the role of Director of Operations within the Delta Gaming Group and will report to the CEO, Mr. Shawn Fisher.
  • Mr. Andrew Buchan - Has been appointed to the role of Director iGaming & New Product Development and will report to the CEO, Mr. Shawn Fisher.

This is the first major re-organization of the Delta Gaming Group operational (Senior) team for some time and is reflective of the approach that group is undertaking as it renews and further develops its brand with refreshed operational leadership.  

I am sure you will join us in congratulating and wishing them all every success for the future as they begin to undertake their new roles.  

1635 – cGaming – The Sector

Since we have undertaken the re-opening from mid-August, we have seen the trading environment evolve based on the situation in differing parts of the province. It is a reminder to us all that it is a fluid situation and we need to respond to the local health requirements as they develop and unfold.

We have always understood that the rebuilding of the sector will be a long process and the ability and skill of our Team Members [Commercial Operators] to re-calibrate swiftly to market demands/conditions has been quite remarkable. This has been achieved while balancing the guest experience and expectation. They, the guest, have equally been accepting of the situation on the ground.

This has generated an environment where we have been able to re-think and re-position our product portfolio and bring the business to scale, especially around the bingo program structure and this, long-term, is a very positive situation for our sector.

At the beginning of November we welcomed back our Charity Volunteers after a long period away from the Centre. This is being undertaken in a measured and phased fashion and is reflective of the events on the ground in the various marketplaces. We need flexibility by all concerned to respond, where necessary, to conditions as they evolve. This initiative is being overseen by our colleagues at the OCGA.

A very positive note has been the continued revenue we have been able to generate for our 2,200 Charity [Community Based] Groups, which has been badly needed by those groups after a long period without funds. Through the continued hard work of our Operators, we have managed to keep the Centres operational and functioning, which has not been an easy situation when you see the broader issues around recruitment and retention of employees.

The cGaming/Traditional Bingo Sector is a valuable platform for the various host communities we are located in. It continues to deliver meaningful and direct funds to our community based Charity Partners and we need to collectively continue this important work. 

1636 – iGaming and Single Sports Wagering

We continue to provide information to our members on the ongoing developments within iGaming. It is still scheduled to come online in this winter season/period. It will offer opportunities for those companies that wish to be a part of this exciting venture.

However, it is not without its challenges. We are mindful that this is a major strategic initiative and our focus is to ensure that the land-based operators are not overly impacted through the introduction of this platform and are able to participate successfully in this space for the future.

We are awaiting further details on how this very important initiative will proceed forward for our members awaiting that information.

1637 – Health and Wellness

We remain mindful of our PlaySmart training and the role it now holds in the business. With the ongoing news on the changing face of the Covid Pandemic and understanding everyone reacts to the news differently, our Team Members are keeping a watchful eye on Red Flag Behaviours and aware that action is required. Thus, our Team Members are engaging in a positive fashion when it is required.

As we enter the Christmas holiday period, we are being extra watchful on and for unwanted play in our Centres. We recognize the importance of flagging this where and when it is identified. It is another example of our Chair [Mr. Tony Rosa] strategy of incremental progress on the PlaySmart program.    

1638 – General Members Meeting – CGAO

On the 16th November 2021, we held our first face-to-face General Members Meeting in Toronto. This was well attended with a strong turnout and the Chair [Mr. Tony Rosa] believes that being able to gather around a table and share ideas and discuss our collective challenges is an extremely valuable use of our time.

Our next General Meeting is scheduled for February 2022 in Toronto.

1639 – OLG Senior Executive – Centre Visit

On the 2nd December, OLG’s Mr. Duncan Hannay [CEO] and Ms. Lori Sullivan [Chief Land-based Gaming & Business Development Officer], along with other members from their senior team, will make their third (3rd) visit to a cGaming Centre.

On this occasion the OLG will visit Breakaway Gaming Centre [Windsor]. The CEO of Community Gaming & Entertainment Group, Mr. Tony Rosa, will host the visit and provide a tour of the centre.

The Windsor marketplace has been faced with numerous challenges since the advent of the Covid-Pandemic, especially with the USA being closed for ‘day-trippers’ for the past 18 months. Therefore, it is remarkable that Tony and his team have been able to bring back online the Groups four (4) Centres to provide immediate revenue for his assigned Community Based Charity Groups.

During this visit Tony will have a direct opportunity to speak about these unique challenges to Duncan when they sit down for a chat.     

1640 – Charitable Gaming: Community Good

Our colleagues at the OCGA continue to develop the Charitable Gaming: Community Good brand. This still remains in the early phases of development.

It is extremely important that our [Commercial Operator] members fully embrace this opportunity and seek to leverage and build broader awareness with our communities. For too long we have not got the message out clearly enough about the value our Community Gaming Centres deliver to the communities they are located in. This brand offers us a fresh opportunity to change that impression.

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