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1596 – People on the Move

1597 – iGaming [MoF] Consultation

1598 – The Revitalization of Charitable Gaming

1599 – Social Responsibility & Community Impact

1600 – Jackpot City Group

1601 – Charities & Communities

1596 – People on the Move

There has been further movement in and around the Gaming Sector that we wish to acknowledge. 

  • Ms. Monica Proudler  - Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario 
    - It was announced that Monica joined the CGAO as Executive Assistant on 8th March 2021. Monica has held numerous Senior Administrative Roles at the OLG and brings that wealth of experience to the CGAO.
  • Ms. Lynne Roiter - Loto-Quebec 
    - It was announced on the 15th of Aril 2021, that after 35yrs with the Crown Corporation, Ms. Roiter will retire as CEO & President of Loto-Quebec. Ms. Roiter has held various positions within the Corporation.
  • Mr. Jean-Francois Bergeron - Loto-Quebec
    - It was  announced Mr. Bergeron will be Ms. Roiter successor at Loto-Quebec as CEO & President and will undertake his new role on the 1st June 2021. Mr. Bergeron has recently held senior roles at Société-de-Cannabis and Société-des-Alcohols-du-Quebec.  

On behalf of everyone at the CGAO, we wish to acknowledge and congratulate the above in their retirements, promotions and appointments and wish them all every success as they go forward in the next chapter for their career or life.

1597 – iGaming [MoF] Consultation

Over the course of the last month, there has been tremendous interest and engagement of the Provincial iGaming [MoF] Consultation document. This is a major undertaking and offers tremendous opportunity for the Gaming Sector and allows Ontario to join other countries around the world who have embraced technology in a positive and constructive fashion in order to deliver a new gaming experience.

However, it must be noted this is not without its challenges, with an active Land-based/Retail Sector in the Province that in a normal year already delivers real economic benefit to the communities that play host to a Venue. Thus, getting the balance right will be critical in ensuring long-term success and delivering enhanced value back to the Province.

The Board of CGAO submitted our reply to the discussion document on the 16th April 2021, setting out the position of the Community [Bingo] Gaming Sector and unique partnership/business model which supports numerous communities and 2,200 Non-Profit/Charity Organisations. 

We would like to publicly acknowledge the engagement of Ms. Birgette Sand – [MoF] Project Lead and the supporting team at the MoF, who ensured we had an opportunity to express our thoughts both related to the Risk and the Opportunity this presents. 

I would flag for everyone that at this moment there is a platform for iGaming within this Province, which is of course the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). They continue to provide a broad platform of products.

1598 – The Revitalization of Charitable Gaming

This important Public Policy Initiative, The Revitalization of Charitable Gaming, continues to move forward, even with the tremendous headwinds we have been facing during this unprecedent global pandemic situation, which have presented challenges to any leisure/entertainment consumer facing business.

The recent directive of an enhanced lockdown, although necessary, is another frustrating step on this long journey. Clearly, it is important to follow the Government Directives. From a Public Health perceptive, we must align and follow those directives, which has been completed by all Commercial Operators.

The positive attitudes that have been displayed by our Management Team[s] is remarkable. They have continually looked for pathways to engage with our consumers to offer them a ‘social experience’ and provide a small contribution to our Charities. This at a time where they [Charities] have received limited funding over the past year.

There are three core themed activities that have been undertaken and developed:

  • Car Park Bingo  - Initially developed by Community Gaming & Entertainment
  • Curb Side Bingo - Initially developed by Delta Gaming Group
  • 50/50 Draws - Recently introduced within the Delta Gaming Group  

Numerous Members have since taken these products and placed them in their markets and have had a level of success in delivering a consumer experience and consumer engagement. This has been widely welcomed by our consumers who have longed missed visits to our Venues.

We would like to also acknowledge and thank our Vendors/Suppliers who have equally experienced an incredibly challenging and difficult past twelve months. They have created constructive ways to help the Commercial Operators in managing our collective way forward out of this unique situation.

1599 – Social Responsibility & Community Impact

Even though there has been limited opportunity to engage with the consumer for the past twelve months, the CGAO has continued its joint engagement with the Play-Smart Teams at OLG and RG-C.

During the current operational environment, Play-Smart has had to adapt new methods of accessibility to our consumers. This is being achieved using the interactive terminal in the venues, and in some cases by re-positioning their location and heightened remote support to our colleagues where required.

We have also commenced discussions around the initiative for Play-Smart once venues have re-opened and are welcoming back consumers. The CGAO position, as directed by the Board, is to ensure we have a balanced and measured approach, to ensure we generate greater understanding, awareness, and engagement. We believe that the incremental approach that has been established within cGaming is and has, yielded traction and acceptance and we will continue down this path, working as a team to a common objective.

We are equally more aware of the challenges this lengthy pandemic is having on mental health. We are all attuned to listening to colleagues a little closer to ensure we offer support where required or direct them to the appropriate support. The health and wellbeing of all is of paramount importance and just being a little kinder with our time does has value.

1600 – Jackpot City Group

In a recent discussion with the Jackpot City Group, CEO Mr. D’Arcy Stuarthe mentioned, that subject to the construction sector restrictions, they will be undertaking the refurbishment of their Timmins Gaming Venue in northern Ontario, bringing this location in line with the standards and consumer experience of their brand.

This will be a major financial investment by this Group and is another indication of the ongoing investment the Gaming Commercial Operations have been engaged in since our initiative began. We wish we congratulate the Jackpot City Group on this investment, and it will certainly be an exciting Entertainment Venue once completed.   

1601 – Charities & Communities

Ms. Mary O’Neill (OCGA) along with the combined team, continue to forge ahead in the development of a web presence for their new brand Charitable Gaming – Community Good. On the 21st April, the OCGA hosted a video conference with the Charity Centre Co-Ordinators, Members of OLG’s cGaming team and the CGAO, and presented the first look at the web design in terms structure, content and feel.

charitable gaming logo

Through the leadership of Ms. Lynn Cassidy – Executive Director, they have pulled off an amazing end-product. Once this goes public, over time, it will bring some real, immediate, and positive awareness to our Sector.

We know Brands are not created, they are built through the commitments and efforts of all concerned, and Lynn with her team, has clearly set out a solid foundation.

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