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1569 – People on the Move

1570 – cGaming Vendor/Suppliers

1571 – Health & Wellness

1572 – CGAO – General Members Meeting

1573 – Canadian Gaming Association

1569 – People on the Move

There has been further movement in people in and around the Gaming Sector, which we wish to acknowledge. Once again we have been unable to celebrate their appointments or contributions, as is fitting these individuals, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please see the movements below. 

  • Mr. Stephen Rigby - President & Chief Executive Officer (OLG)
    - After over five (5) years, Stephen stepped down from his leadership role of the organization. During his leadership he has led the transformationof Land-based Gaming in this province. It has not been without its challenges and he has navigated the OLG Team through this period. We wish Stephen and the Rigby Family our good wishes in their future endeavors.  

  • Ms. Monica Proudler - Personal Assistant - CEOs Office (OLG)
    - After twenty (20) years service to the OLG, Monica has decided to leave her current post and seek new career opportunities, external of the organization. We wish to offer Monica and her family continued success in their future endeavours.

  • Ms. Shelly McPhee - Administration Assistant - cGaming (OLG)
    - On the 30th September 2020, Shelly retired from the organization. Shelly has been engaged in cGaming, initially supporting Mr. Rick Gray and more recently supporting Mr. David Fraser and the cGaming Team. As Shelly enters her retirement, we wish her every happiness and good health for many years to come.

  • Mr. Duncan Hannay - President & CEO (OLG)
    - After a very swift transition, Duncan undertook his leadership role from Monday, 26th October 2020 at an extremely critical moment at the OLG and the Gaming Sector is this province. We, CGAO, look forward to building a constructive and forward-looking partnership with him for the mutual benefit of both organizations as we look to the future. We offer our sincere congratulations to him on his appointment.

  • Ms. Catherine Meade - Acting VP Social & Community Responsibility
    - On the 14th September 2020, Catherine undertook the leadership role for the Social & Community Responsibility. Since joining the organization in 2005, Catherine has undertaken various roles in numerous areas of the business. We have reached out to Catherine to wish her every success in this new role. 

Once again we experience major change in senior leadership positions. This is being achieved in an orderly and professional fashion and with that change comes opportunities for all to re-start, re-think & re-focus on the collective value we all bring to the ongoing success of Gaming in this province. There is a tremendous amount of work required by all stakeholders to climb out of the current challenging situation.

1570 – cGaming Vendor/Suppliers

We wanted to acknowledge the work and co-operation our members have been receiving from all our suppliers through this Covid-19 Pandemic period. These companies operate in more than one jurisdiction and it has been rather challenging for them as well. So, a big thank you to the following for all your support. 

  • Mr. Roy Lister & Team                  - Arrow Games
  • Mr. Peter Speck & Team             - Bazaar Marketing
  • Mr. Kirk Arends & Team               - Canadian Banknote Company
  • Mr. Peter Howard & Team           - Diamond Game
  • Mr. JP Landry & Team                 - Scientific Games (Bally’s)

If I have missed anyone here, our apologies. Let me know and I will correct it.

1571 – Health & Wellness

We undertook a ‘check in’ with the OLG’s Play-Smart team that oversees cGaming, under the leadership of Ms. Megan Nicholson, to obtain an understanding on how we are navigating through this unusual period of time. My sense was we had, once again, a very constructive discussion around the immediate situation. 

We continue to keep a sharp eye on ‘Red Flag Behaviors’ of our consumers and with the reduced attendance numbers, this has been easier to apply. All Team Members were briefed on those Red Flags prior to returning to work, to be vigilant on the ‘Red Flag Triggers’ and how to engage with consumers effectively once identified. 

The importance of the, which provides numerous educational and informational platforms, is a critical piece in the wider awareness campaign we have been engaging in for the last few years. It is about providing information for informed and wise choices of our consumers to maximize their experience and enjoyment.

1572 – CGAO – General Members Meeting

Please be advised that our next General Members Meeting is now set for Tuesday, 17th November 2020. This will be conducted through a Zoom Meeting and members should have seen a calendar invitation in your in-box. If this is not in your calendars, please contact the CGAO Staff directly.

1573 – Canadian Gaming Association

We continue to work closely with the Canadian Gaming Association on the issues facing the Gaming Sector, which are extremely challenging at this moment. Every effort is being sought to provide the correct information around the sector to ensure that informed choices and decisions are being made by the Government Officials. 

I also just wish to mention and bring to your attention that the Canadian Gaming Association has recently moved its offices. Please see the new address noted below. Mr. Paul Burns can still be reached on his regular e-mail and telephone numbers.

            New Office Address: 
            Canadian Gaming Association
            PO Box 43563, Leaside
            TORONTO, Ontario
            M4G 2G8

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