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1564 – People on the Move

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1564 – People on the Move

In the last month there has been some tremendous change of the people engaged in the Gaming Sector. This year, in the midst of the lock-down, we have not been able to celebrate their careers and contributions to the sector as we would have liked or should be acknowledged.  Please see the movements below.

  • Mr. Jean Major - Chief Executive Officer (AGCO)                       
    Retiring after over 30 years of service to Public Service and 15 years as Chief Executive Officer & Registrar of the AGCO. During his time, the organization has grown and integrated additional sectors under the scope of the AGCO. Through this time, his leadership and development of the organization has been remarkable. He leaves the organization in good shape, ready for its next chapter and new leadership.

  • Mr. Craig Slater - Chief Legal Officer (AGCO)
    In mid-September Craig began his retirement from the AGCO. During his time at the AGCO he has led the legal department of the organization through a major period of transition. We wish him well in his future endeavours.

  • Ms. Teresa Tedesco - Chief Administration Officer (AGCO)
    After many years of service within the AGCO and the City of Toronto, Teresa has decided on retirement. For those members who remember the Entertainment Standard Branch, you will be well aware of the hard work Teresa gave the Charity Gaming Sector through the years. We all wish her well in her future endeavours.

  • Ms. Jasmina Milanovich  - Corporate Affairs Director
    We have recently found out that at the beginning of September, Jasmina decided to take retirement from her position at the AGCO. She is a long-standing individual in the Gambling Sector in the province with broad experience and knowledge.  We all wish her well in her future endeavours. 

  • Mr. Tom Mungham - Chief Executive Officer (AGCO)
    It has long been announced that Tom will undertake the leadership role at the AGCO. This promotion reflects the knowledge and skills that Tom has amassed during his time as Chief Operating Officer within the organization. It was encouraging to see this seamless transition of authority within the AGCO.

  • Mr. David Phillips - Chief Operating Officer (AGCO)
    After a short period of time as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, David has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. He has held various roles and was previously a Director in the organization. We wish him well in his new role.

  • Mr. Bruce Caughill - Chief Legal Officer (AGCO)
    With over 20 years experience in the commercial gaming sector, he brings a broader legal, compliance and corporate knowledge to his role at the AGCO. We wish him well in his new role at the AGCO.

  • Mr. Joseph Pittari - Chief Administrative Officer (AGCO)
    With vast experience in both the public and private sectors, and more recently as a Commissioner at the City of Brampton, he joined the AGCO in early September to undertake his new position. We wish him well in his new role at the AGCO.

  • Ms. Liz Yeigh - Chief Corporate Relations Officer (AGCO)
    Recently returned to the AGCO after a period of time at the OLG in a senior role, Liz undertakes this important position with the organization. We wish her well in this new role.

  • Mr. Navid Forouzesh - Chief Information Officer (AGCO)
    Beginning his new role on 1st September, he brings a tremendous knowledge with him after amassing 25 years of experience. We wish him well in his new role.

  • Ms. Diane Gartshore - Director cGaming – Product (OLG)
    It has been announced that Diane will retire from the organization on 31st December 2020. Diane G is well known in the cGaming circle and has had a positive impact in forging and implementing the Revitalization of Charitable Gaming in this province. We wish Diane well in her retirement. 

There has been a vast amount of change since the 1st September and the orderly and professional manner that has been achieved is a credit to all the individuals noted above. It is a reminder that change, and renewal is a positive and ongoing thing.

1565 – cGaming Sector

We continue to navigate through this pandemic and the new trading environment that has been created in delivering our experience and services to our consumers. This has not been without its challenges but through the hard work and commitment of the Commercial Operators and our partners, we have managed to generate an estimated $C10m of revenue to our 2,200 Charities who are aligned within the cGaming Sector.

Even though we are operating in these challenging and uncertain times, we have been able to drive for efficiency, building a business scale to maximize ‘revenues’ for all the partners. This has also allowed a period for reflection and, with collective insights and analysis, we are looking to recalibrate our current product portfolio to ensure we drive performance once we fully return without restrictions. This does not, or will not, change the product portfolio but how it is deployed and presented will clearly change. This is no different than another sector within the economy. 

We wish to be clear, Bingo will remain a product within the portfolio but the presentation, scope and application will evolve to be reflective of the consumers need as we move forward, not what was delivered back in February 2020.

There has, and we wish to acknowledge, been progress but this is tempered by uncertainty surrounding ‘consumer confidence’ within the Leisure/Entertainment and Retail Sector. The path forward is simply unclear and we believe there is a long road until we see full recovery to a point where we see this as a three (3) year path. We continue to work through the issues and be supportive to our members while we co-ordinate with partners on any potential opportunities or new delivery methods.

1566 – Health & Wellness

We continue to bring awareness to the issues of not only Player Health but to the delivery by our Team Members. We are all aware of the anxiety with the broader society that is being recorded in this current pandemic environment and being in an environment where people can connect and be social is an important factor for all concerned. 

We have kept a sharp eye on ‘Red Flag Behaviors’ of our consumers and with the reduced attendance numbers, this has been easier to apply. All Team Members were briefed on those Red Flags prior to returning to work, to be vigilant on the ‘Red Flag Triggers’ and how to engage with consumers effectively once identified. 

The importance of the, which provides numerous educational and informational platforms, is a critical piece in the wider awareness campaign we have been engaging in for the last few years. It is about providing information for informed and wise choices of our consumers to maximize their experience and enjoyment.

1567 – CGAO – General Members Meeting

Please be advised that our next General Members Meeting is now set for Tuesday, 17th November 2020. This will be conducted through a Zoom Meeting and members should have seen a calendar invitation in your inbox. If this is not in your calendars, please contact the CGAO Staff directly.

1568 – Charity Awareness/Brand

The new brand has been presented within the OCGA and it is likely we will begin to see the introduction, with the support of Commercial Operators, within the cGaming Centre. There are additional strategies that are being developed by the OCGA team.

We are certainly supportive of this approach, which profiles the uniqueness of the industry within the Gaming Sector while bringing a positive spotlight on the community projects our charities are engaged in.

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