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1553 – Delivering Real Dollars

1554 – Regional Re-Opening Continues

1555 – Health & Wellness

1556 – Joint Initiative – CGA

1553 – Delivering Real Dollars

As we move to the end of July, this has provided us with the opportunity (in some Centres) the ability to ensure a distribution to the aligned Charities in those Centres that have undertaken the deployment of Car Park Bingo or Curb Side Bingo.

Both events have proven to be rather popular and enjoyed by our consumers. The two leaders on these initiatives have been Community Gaming & Entertainment and Delta Bingo & Gaming. I have recently become aware that Jackpot City will be or has already hosted a ‘Curb Side Bingo’ at their London location.

Both concepts have offered a re-connection to their Centres to see and check in with their friends (physical distanced of course). Bingo has often been seen as a game of ‘social connection and relaxation’ and during these very unusual times, this offers a sense of their normal activities returning and that only has value to the individuals.

We wanted to acknowledge the hard work that was placed in by the Commercial Operators, local Charity (HCAs) and AGCO in order that these events could go forward and, without question, in these unusual times these events have fit into the current climate and allowed opportunities to come forth.

In speaking with Mr. Tony Rosa - CEO (Community Gaming and Entertainment) he has indicated that he is working closely with his Charity HCA in order that a distribution of funds can happen quickly to the 78 aligned charities, the first distribution they had received since March 2020. He went further to say that we have a long and rich partnership to and with our local Charities who provide incredible services in this community and my operational team has been working tirelessly to ensure we could deliver to them and to our customers. We needed something to bridge us through the Covid-19 Pandemic period.

The Commercial Operators understood the challenge and sought to provide a ‘bridge’ to hold us over this incredibly challenging and difficult period.

1554 – Regional Re-Opening Continues

Last Friday [24th July] we saw a further ten (10) Centres come back up for re-opening. This now takes the total to twenty-four (24) Centres and only leaves the core Regions of Peel, Toronto and Windsor – Essex.

The early indications are encouraging and in-line with management expectations. The phased approach to product at re-opening has allowed breathing room for management and staff to get accustomed to the ‘People Management’ piece that is critical to ensure we retain focus on the ‘Health & Safety’ commitments made in the plans that were submitted to our Regulator.

Clearly, this has come around through and with the collaboration of the partners, the AGCO, OLG, Charities, and Municipalities. Through the combined efforts and hard work from each organization we have managed to bring these Centres back up and operational. Due to the restriction at this current time (of 50 customers at any one time) we need to think within the scope of this cap and what we can offer or promote.

As the next few weeks go by we will be available to monitor ‘customers patterns’ and could offer the opportunity of smaller bingo events [within capacity limits] or potentially the deployment of the ‘Turbo Challenge Game’. This can deliver customer excitement, good business margin and can operate with low [consumer] numbers.

We are still progressing forward with initiatives in cGaming for 50/50 e-Raffle and Home-Play Bingo. Both of these initiatives have more complexity than first imagined but we are working with David Fraser & Diane Gartshore (OLG) and their teams in seeking a path to market. There has been a lot of hard involved in the development and I wanted to acknowledge them and the Service Provider – CBN, who have been equally active.

Just released - It has been announced that Peel and Toronto will join stage 3 this Friday, 31st July 2020. This is a major step and the CGAO will see an additional four (4) [CGAO Members] Centres join the re-opening program. This now only leaves Windsor-Essex outside the Stage 3 re-opening structure,  

1555 – Health & Wellness

With everything else that has been going on, as we bring back our Team Members (staff) the one element we must not forget is the Health & Wellness of the consumers. Through the OLG program ‘Play-Smart’ we have a framework to engage in and although it is recognized, the majority if not all our Team Members have undertaken the required training. The refresh of the key ‘Red Flag Behaviours’ has been top of our mind. On the 8th June 2020, the CGAO reminded all members of the need to bring this forward in the re-engagement/team training plans.

The Play-Smart team at the OLG, headed by Ms. Liz Yeigh, also sent through a quick information sheet flagging the changes that have occurred in the temp-reconfigured product offering.

The CGAO greatly encourages all members to review and execute on the Play-Smart re-fresh suggestions.

1556 – Joint Initiative – CGA

We continue our work with CGA on the joint approach into government on the broader gaming sector in this province. In partnership with Paul Burns and his team, the Resort & Regional Casino Operators, we are seeking a joint submission forward. 

This work has been complex and detailed. The work and resources our colleagues in the Casino Sector have given has been amazing. Combined with the co-ordination of Amanda Brewer, a package as been developed and aligned to.

From our side, I wanted to thank the Delta Gaming Group for all the assistance they have provided, both to Tony Rosa and I, in feeding into the combined document.

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