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1451 – Arrow International - Digital (Educational) Platform

1452 – Play-Smart Centres - Quarterly Review

1453 – Canadian Gaming Summit - June 2018 - Re-Post

1451 – Arrow International - Digital (Educational) Platform

Arrow International, the parent of Arrow Games (Canada) who are founding members of the CGAO, have released a new Digital (Educational) Platform to highlight and bring awareness to the numerous features their charitable/community gaming products have, both in terms of playability and security. They have ensured that accessibility is easy and available through Youtube.

Please see the information from Arrow International below. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Jim Mclean – Director, Gaming Solutions as indicated below.

Arrow Games Educational Videos

Arrow Games has begun to create educational videos with the goal of training charitable gaming operators and staff on how to play bingo event ticket games. Bingo event tickets combine the best features of bingo and pull tabs in one exciting game. In markets where legal, bingo event ticket games have been a significant driver of growth for the charitable gaming industry. To learn more about bingo event ticket games, please contact Jim McLean at Arrow Games.

To access the Arrow Games training videos please click the link below:

1452 – Play-Smart Centres - Quarterly Review

Representatives from the CGAO, OLG & RG-C had the opportunity to meet in Toronto on Monday, the 26th February 2018, to go through the 3rd Quarter Results [Oct-Dec 2017].

It was encouraging to see that like-for-like touch-points [see table below] have continued the upward trend when you take out the enhanced event(s) numbers inflated due to the launch of the Play-Smart Brand during late 2016 through 2017.

October-December 2016 2017
Visitors 3,782 3,957
Interactions 5 6
Events 1,377* 209
Total 5,164 4,172
  1. Data Point - RG-C
  2. Events 2016, rebranding & launching Play-Smart Centres*
  3. Likely to see the event numbers impacted until June 2018

The team took the time to review various other initiatives that are underway with our sector.

  1. Ambassador Program (Pilot) - Underway in Windsor
  2. Employee Survey - Early Summer
  3. Training - Underway and active
  4. Play-Smart Centres - Refresh of the Leaflets & Information Documents

There is a tremendous amount of work underway within the cGaming Centres that focuses on Play-Smart initiatives, I do want to highlight Mr. Tony Rosa in Windsor for supporting his team in a pilot project underway in his centres. This will bring real insight to the final development of a sector program that best fits our operational environments.

1453 – Canadian Gaming Summit - June 2018 - Re-Post

The National Gaming Conference is fast approaching. This will take place on the 19th to 21st June in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The CGAO, OCGA and CGA are working together to bring forth the Charitable/Community Gaming Track for the conference.

With this being held in our home province [Ontario] we, at the CGAO, wish to encourage a strong participation of delegates and we flag the value of ‘Early Bird Registration’ to the conference.

Please find below the direct link for registration to the conference.

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