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1365 – Mr. Jean Major

1366 – Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2017

1367 – Community Media Events - c-Gaming

1368 – 150th Canada & Ontario Celebration - 2017

1369 – Conferences - 2017

1370 – Mr. Kirk Float (BRM)

1371 – Play.Smart Forum (Toronto)

1372 – CGAO - Office

1365 – Mr. Jean Major

After a gap of over ten (10) years, Mr. Jean Major – Chief Executive Officer and Registrar (AGCO) addressed the members of the CGAO at our last General Meeting in Toronto.

The main focus of Jean’s address was the changing and evolving landscape of gaming in both the province and globally. The introduction of the new Risk Base Gaming Standards for the province is reflective of this type of change. Having a unified Association with ‘one voice’ that is clear and strategic enables constructive engagement for both sides and encourages the CGAO to continue this approach.

The address was extremely well received by the members and our Chair – Mr. Tony Rosa thanked Jean for coming along to the meeting and assured him it will not be ten (10) years until the next invitation.

In December 2016, the AGCO undertook the first ‘Stakeholder Day’ for all its stakeholders (Alcohol, Gaming, Horseracing and Wine), which was the first time all these sectors were in the same room at the same time. Through those combined participants, it was clear that the sectors may differ but the issues/challenges are very similar. It is likely that AGCO will have further events of this nature in the future.

1366 – Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2017

Formal notices have been issued to all members of good standing giving details of the upcoming AGM to be held in Toronto. I am enclosing the details below. If you intend to be in attendance please let our Administrator, Ms. Sandi Nesbitt, know via e-mail in order to ensure we have enough refreshments, etc.

Date: Tuesday
Date: May 9, 2017
Location: Holiday Inn, Toronto Airport East (600 Dixon Road)
Room: Centennial B
Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm

1367 – Community Media Events - c-Gaming

The c-Gaming partners continue to host community media events within our centres and communities to profile and highlight the tremendous contributions that our centres provide to numerous community/non-profit groups that are aligned to our centres. This continues decades of direct funding to our community groups and municipalities.

This initiative is led by our colleagues at the OCGA and supported by the OLG c-Gaming Team. All partners can be extremely proud of the contribution that this initiative is bringing to 26 host communities of a c-Gaming Centre, which currently runs at around $C130m real dollars and climbing.

We, CGAO, will be hosting a joint event with OCGA at Queen’s Park to profile the success of this program by the $C150m raised through our Centres and by our Charities/Non-Profit Groups. This is the year that not only Canada but Ontario celebrates its 150th birthday and is a tremendous result and an excellent example of how the crown, community and commerce can work together to build such a unique model.

Next Scheduled Events

Delta Gaming Toronto (St. Clair) 24th February 2017
Dolphin Gaming Toronto (Scarborough) TBA
Province Queen's Park 5th April 2017

1368 – 150th Canada & Ontario Celebration - 2017

This year we will see the country and the province celebrate the 150th year since the creation of the country and the province. This is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the ‘theme’ to promote and raise awareness for the c-Gaming initiative among the public at large.

It is encouraging to see the Delta Gaming Group already making a connection to the ‘150’ with various promotional initiatives already scheduled and underway, combined with the fact that the company itself is celebrating a milestone of 50 years of trading, which is tremendous. They are featuring numerous events throughout the year.

If you have not already made plans, I would greatly encourage you to speak with our fellow members who have a deep and rich history in promotional initiatives (Arrow Games (Canada)) and leverage their knowledge and experience.

Arrow Games (Canada) - Contact Details

Mr. Jim McLean
Director - Gaming Solutions
(t) 1-877-983-7300

1369 – Conferences - 2017

We are already into conference season as we begin the New Year. There are three that I have flagged but clearly the main one for the bulk of our members is the Canadian Gaming Conference in June.

This year, the CGAO will be partnering with the OCGA in presenting the c-Gaming Content Stream in June. If any of our members or readers has suggestions on presentations or content they would like to see contained in the sessions, please contact either Ms. Lynn Cassidy or Peter McMahon via e-mail as noted below.

Lynn Cassidy
Peter McMahon

Conference Dates:

NAGRA (USA - Orlando) - June 6th to 8th June
CCC (Canada - Vancouver) - June 19th to 21st June
G2E (USA - Las Vegas) TBA

If you intend to go to the Canadian Gaming Conference (Summit) in Vancouver, we would encourage you to book your flights and hotel as early as possible. Do bear in mind that the Sunday (18th June) is Father’s Day so likely the flights out on Monday will soon get booked up.

1370 – Mr. Kirk Float (BRM)

As you may be aware there has been a recent re-alignment of the Business Relationship Manager’s Centre responsibilities. Through this re-organization it was announced by the Director of Operations (OLG), Ms. Valerie Braun, that Mr. Kirk Float will be seeking other career options and as a result would be leaving the OLG.

I wanted to publicly acknowledge Kirk’s contribution and work over the past few years, spending the majority of his time in the southwest area of the province. We wish him and his family every success in his career.

1371 – Play.Smart Forum (Toronto)

On Wednesday, the 15th February 2017, our Chair Mr. Tony Rosa and I attended the OLG’s ‘Play.Smart’ Forum in Toronto. The core element of this was the transition that is being undertaken by the OLG from pure Responsible Gaming to playing smart and through education and information have a more informed consumer base.

Although all the sessions were interesting, there was one that was, in my view, the highlight of the day. This was by Mr. Philip Mun – Manager (OLG), who spoke to the value of prevention/assistance and sustaining/retaining consumers and showed in monetary terms what that actually means.

At the request our Chair [Mr. Tony Rosa], I have written directly to Mr. Greg McKenzie, Chief Operating Officer (OLG), to congratulate him and staff on a very positive event.

1372 – CGAO - Office

Please be advised that the office will be closed from Monday, 27th February until Monday the 20th March while our administrator is away on holiday.

During this time, if you require any assistance please contract Peter McMahon directly through his e-mail at

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